The SPARC Classes


Classes and Workshops

SPARC offers unique classes that combine and accent our need to belong, thrive, and follow our soul’s purpose.


These are at the heart of this practice: to discover and uncover your passions and life’s purpose. Everyone is born with a gift, and we want to help you identify it. Pulling from psychological theories (such as Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence) and spiritual dynamics (the concept of Divine purpose), the workshops and sessions are specialized for a wide variety of audiences and participants. For interactive purposes, it is recommended that a maximum of 12 participants attend for adult workshops, and 8 participants for children, teenagers, and those of any age on the autism spectrum. The classes are tailored to the age demographics of the participants.

Find Your Intelligence

This is the first activity of the series. This interactive workshop/session takes the concepts of soul purpose and multiple intelligence and combines them into a tangible map of your innate and spirit-given gifts. The goal of the class is to uncover your four strongest areas of multiple intelligence, how they manifest themselves in your life, and how they are being used (or not used) in your everyday experiences. Handouts about the multiple intelligence theory and its various types are included, along with a personalized report about your MIs, and a Q&A. The training is about 1.5 hours long, and works best with about 12 participants. The individual session is usually no more than an hour.

Use Your Intelligence

This is the second part/class of the series. The FYI class is a prerequisite for this one. This workshop builds upon the revelations of the first class to help participants chart a path to utilize their multiple intelligences in ways that best benefit them, improve their career goals, and achieve more happiness in their everyday lives. This is also a participation class that involves group work and analysis, with a variety of other MIs. This training includes post-workshop recommendations for each participant and a Q&A. This training is about 1.5 hours long, and is best with about 10-12 participants. The individual session for UYI is also about an hour long.

Follow-up sessions on an individual basis can be arranged.


Spiritual Guidance

Individual sessions are held in the client’s preferred area (home, office space, outdoors, etc.) and focus on spiritual needs and questions. Such sessions can also incorporate MI theory work. We are open to all religions, spiritual paths, and beliefs.

Please contact us at for more details on any of the classes/sessions and to find out more about spiritual guidance!