The SPARC Classes


Classes and Workshops

These classes vary with the audience, but the main goal is to introduce autism to those new to its world. Whether you have a recently diagnosed family member, or are being introduced to clients on the spectrum, this interactive and multi-styled training can show you what autism is, what it is like, and the various therapeutic approaches used to make lives change for the better. All workshops are regularly updated with new information or research findings, and can be tailored to the age level. As the series progresses, the classes aim to foster a community within the community built by parents/families, for parents/families!

Best of all? The first session in the family/community series (“Hello, Autism”) is FREE. Each individual class after this is $25, or you can join all three remaining in the series for $50 (so you basically get two of the four classes for FREE).

We are aiming to start the first series of workshops this summer, so contact us now at if you wish to join the movement!

Autism: The Experience Series

This is a series of classes/workshops that are aimed at families and local communities who wish to learn more about autism, navigating the school system, and building a supportive community.

Hello, Autism: This class focuses on introducing participants to the world of autism. What it is, its highlighted symptoms, and video experiences of those on the spectrum are included in this training. Presentation handouts (with references for further learning) and a Q&A with the presenter(s) round out this training, which can range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the needs of the audience. This training in particular can be tailored for children and teenagers to help introduce them to autistic peers’ experiences and build empathy.

*Next Training: Possibly mid-October 2019!* 

Autism and School: This class is recommended after the first class. Taking a look at the special needs approach of the local school board, this 1-1.5 hour class explores the options, terminology, and approaches used in the school system with regards to autism. It also explores how parents and families can (and often times, must) stay fully involved in an autistic individual’s journey through education, from daycare to their high school graduation.

From Puzzle Piece To Circle: The last main class in this series, this is the foundation of SPARC’s purpose. The participants will now work together to form a community within their own to continue to support and assist each other. Families dealing with autism often feel isolated and lonely; this project hopes to create a thriving community that helps each other locate resources, have gatherings and events, and ultimately act as voices for their community beyond their neighborhoods.

Additional Class: Finding The Oasis: This is a supplemental presentation that includes local professionals and organizations that come and discuss their services with the newly formed autism community.

Autism: Building Support

Slightly different from The Experience, this training series highlights the various therapeutic approaches to autism and current research on the subject. It is aimed at those who work closely with those on the spectrum, such as daycare workers, teachers, service providers, and some employers. The goal of this training is to gain both empathy and professional knowledge of autism. Presentation handouts with references and a Q&A with the presenter(s) are including in this training. Each training usually lasts about an hour, but can be adjusted with the needs of the group. This training works best with about 10-15 participants.

Each training is $25 per participant, with at least 10 confirmed participants.

Autism 101: Much like “Hello, Autism,” this class introduces participants to autism in general. This will include signs and symptoms (and how they manifest differently in different populations), recent statistics and news, and examples of what the world is like for those on the spectrum. This is an excellent training for providers who wish to gain a better understanding of autism.

Creating An Oasis: This second class is essentially introducing organizations and providers to each other. During this one hour workshop, we map out the availability of providers to paint a picture of the current “oasis” of services. Neighborhoods and areas that are not receiving as many services as known as the “deserts.” These are the areas of focus for this new community of providers.

Providers can choose to participate in the “Finding The Oasis” workshop for families/communities to introduce their services to these “desert” areas.

These workshops can be adjusted, changed, and improved at any time. We accept cash, money order, and PayPal for now. If there are other types of trainings or workshops that you wish to see from SPARC, please let us know at!