Psychology Today: “Change Artists”

Count on one of the parents of a client to spot this before I did. 🙂

I am proud to be featured in Psychology Today’s cover story, “Change Artists,” for their February 2018 issue. I did my interview (through email and phone) months ago, and had almost forgotten about it. I had no idea that it was going to be a cover story, though!

The article speaks to several people about how they were able to change their lives or their overall view of life. My part involved me talking about some of my insecurities, which is something I rarely talk about outside of friends, and how I overcame them. I am about halfway, and again near the end, as Angel Wilson.

Overall, it’s a really good article and while long, is worth the read. I hope it inspires a lot of people! Thank you to the author Abby Ellin; you did an amazing job, even while being sick! 🙂

Psychology Today: Change Artists

Change of Heart?

I believe it’s been about three or four months since Autism Speaks co-founder Suzanne Wright passed away. I have a very…I’ll say tightrope-like opinion of Autism Speaks. Before really looking into the organization, I supported it just as hard as many in the autism field do. I even helped organize a team at my previous job to participate in on of their walks.

As I started reading and speaking with more autistic adults, however, my views changed. I started seeing the true intentions behind the Light It Up blue campaigns and such…and  I did not agree with it at all. I was never in favor of trying to “cure” autism, as I don’t look at it as a disorder that needs to be wiped out. They did, and so I quickly distanced myself and have not participated in any of their events since.

An amazing blogger that I follow, anonymouslyautistic, posted about the recent change of rhetoric that has surfaced on the Autism Speaks website. Apparently, they are no longer set on finding a so-called cure. I can’t help but feel that this has to do with a changing of the guard, so to speak. I checked the site out myself, and yes, they seem to be shifting focus. This could be good for everyone, but if and how Autism Speaks is accepted into the autism community is still in the air. Those who funded it for the sole purpose of finding a cure will probably withdrawal their money. They still have to mend the bridges with those they have severely affected with their words and previous stance. Like many, I am waiting to see how they move forward before putting any real support behind them.

Still…it’s a start.

Here is a link to anonymouslyautistic’s blog about it: Autism Speaks Changes Mission

And here is Autism Speaks’ About page with some of the new rhetoric: Autism Speaks



This word has pretty much been my state of being for the last two years or so, and let me tell you, it has not been easy.

By its very definition, transformation is painful. You are changing form. You are becoming something else. You are shedding an old skin, switching out parts, or removing a former state of mind. It is tough work.

SPARC itself has changed a million times since I first started thinking of the program. It looks nothing like it did two years ago. Back then, I wanted a spiritual center. I remember going to an all-day training, and nearly every other person said the same thing, that they wanted to create a spiritual center. I soon canned that idea, because I realized I wanted to narrow my focus. That was not an easy thing to do, at all. It can be very hard to abandon an idea you were so excited about, but you have to trust that the next one will be much more aligned to what you are truly meant to do and be.

Just as transformation can be difficult for you, it can be difficult for those around you as well. In the last 24 months, my friendship circle has drastically changed. It had to change because I changed, and some people within that circle could not seem to accept this fact. They eventually removed themselves, and while it was difficult, it was necessary. Even now, this process is continuing. Those who stay in your circles may need to adjust to who you are becoming and what you’re doing, so go easy on them. 🙂

The worst thing one can do in this situation, though, is run from the transformation. I’ve noticed that most people do not stop running until their present situation is worse than the transformation. I am guilty of this myself, but if I had not been willing to let go and allow my ideas (and myself) to evolve, transform, and reinvent themselves, I would still be stuck on the stale, undeveloped thoughts.

Running from your transformation is running from yourself, from your opportunities, and often from your destiny. You have to be willing to lean into it, and trust that the Universe (or Sprit/God/the Divine, etc.) has your best interest and growth in mind.

Then, hold on tight!