“Get Over It”

Yes, I’m going to talk about what just happened in America tonight.

As my friends and I on Facebook started feeling the slow, horrible feeling of someone punching us all collectively in the gut, a young white man (who says he didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton but someone else) jumped into one of the conversations.

He essentially said that we (the minorities) were “overreacting” and need to get over it.

Naturally, he got verbally destroyed.

Despite this, though, there was still more pain than anger. The pain that, even now, there are those who didn’t even vote for Trump who STILL cannot empathize with those of us who have been insulted or ridiculed by the man who is now President-elect. I thought about my clients more than anything, and they run the gamut: some of them are minorities and autistic, others white but severely delayed, and others female but strongly dependent on the Affordable Care Act in order to get medical services and equipment. If Trump and his surrogates keep to their words, all of my clients are about to be negatively impacted.

So no, I cannot afford to just “get over it.” Never mind me as a black female who has also benefited from the ACA…my clients, the kids, are now at risk. They are all under the age of three, and they are all about to learn just how much this country doesn’t care about them.

I will not just “get over it.” Too many are depending on me to continue to support and fight for them. They are the next generation of Americans (and yes, they are all Americans); they deserve a shot at a hopeful future. I will continue to do my best to ensure that they get that.

Hillary Clinton Talks Autism

I try to avoid posting anything political on this site, because that’s not what it is for. I do, however, discuss autism on here. At the bottom is a link to U.S Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s plan to address autism in the United States. A couple of things impressed me:

First, she is addressing the entire age spectrum; kids, teens, and adult populations. We often focus on early intervention, and that is important, but what services are there once these individuals turn 18? 25? 45?

Second, she is addressing the minority populations. I speak from experience when I say that the “brown” communities (Black and Hispanic, mainly) are highly under diagnosed when it comes to autism. Some of this is because of a lack of resources, some from a lack of awareness in the communities (I have heard some people say that “black people don’t get autism”), and some from a predisposition in the medical and educational fields to assume low intelligence rather than an exceptional mind.

Third, Clinton is calling for more funding in all areas of autism. Thus far, a vast majority of funding is aiming at research to identify the cause and “cure” for autism. Very little in comparison is focused on the programs and services that autistic individuals and their families need now.

At least for the United States, I think this is a good starting point. She’s addressing some of the very areas I’ve raised concerns about.  So…what do you guys think?

Hillary Clinton’s Autism Plan

PS: I want to keep the comments on the subject of autism and the autism plan itself, not Clinton. Is it a good starting point? Could it go further? How? Did it miss anything? What would you add/edit?