Spiritual Guidance


What is Spiritual Guidance?

This is a very broad question, as it varies for each person. Sessions with one client may look and feel completely different with another client. The overall goal in my practice is the same: for each individual to establish what Spirituality means to them, to connect with that Source (it has many names depending on the person) and integrate that energy into their lives as they see fit. For some, that may mean uncovering their life purpose (a favorite of mine!). For others, it could be blending a sense of peace into an otherwise hectic landscape, or establishing a connection with that aforementioned Source/Divine/God/pick your name. And guess what? You may not even believe in such a power, and that is okay, too! You may wish to connect better with your Inner or Higher Self, the part of you that wants what is best for you. Spiritual Guidance can and often does address all of those situations, and more. The coolest part is that these can be addressed in a wide variety of ways.

So…if a client came in and said that they wanted to take a look at dreams…or do energy work…or get spiritual assistance (NOT legal assistance) from spirit guides during a divorce…or simply wanted to talk about their evolving belief system…that’s okay?

Yep! I will be honest, though, and say that if a client seems to want something that is beyond what I feel I am proficient at, I would rather refer them to someone I think does it better than I can.

What types of tools/approaches do you use?

The field that my practice of spiritual guidance springs from is known as transpersonal psychology, or basically the study of that which lies beyond the individual person in the non-physical world. Within this subfield are many different scientists, theorists, gurus, and spiritual leaders. I pull a lot of inspiration and ideas from here, along with my own experiences. In regards to spiritual guidance, some really great processes and tools could include:

Psychosynthesis (identifying your Shadow and the parts of you that were hidden due to early trauma)

Journaling (for example, dream journals)

Messengers (this is a broad term I give to anyone or any tool that delivers messages from beyond you)


Creative activities (this could range from drawing a spiritual timeline to painting or making collages)

Disclaimer: Please understand that Spiritual Guidance is NOT therapy. It is not be used as a replacement for therapy, and I am not licensed to provide mental health therapy. If I feel that mental health counseling will benefit you better, I will refer you to such a professional. I do encourage clients to have BOTH if they can; it is a wonderful experience to heal/work on both your mind and your soul!

Are you okay with working with religions/beliefs outside of your own?

The majority of them, yes. I consider myself a Spiritual Eclectic, so I am pretty open to everyone! I am just as comfortable talking with a Christian as I am talking with a Muslim, or a Wiccan, or an atheist.

Okay, so what are the details of the sessions themselves?

An hour is usually a universally accepted time span for a session, though they can definitely vary with the situation. We can meet at the client’s home, in a public area (though for this type of work it is preferable to be somewhere quiet, like perhaps a place of worship or somewhere in nature), or we can do the sessions by phone or Skype. For long distance sessions, I strongly prefer video (Skype or Zoom); it makes for a better connection.

The first session is considered a consultation. This is when I get to know you, your background, and what you would like to work on. The consultation is usually about 30-45 minutes, and is free. At the end of the consultation, the potential client can decide if they wish to continue. Sessions are typically $75 per hour, per individual.

I’m still interested. What’s next?

If this sounds good to you, just shoot me back an email (sparcguidance@gmail.com) and let me know! With the return email, include your location area (i.e. central West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, the Fiji Islands, etc.), your session preference (face to face, phone, Skype, or combination), availability (evenings, weekends only, Tuesdays at 12:55, etc.), and if you feel comfortable, your current belief system (or not if you do not have one) and what you think you may want to work on or explore (this doesn’t have to be longer than a paragraph at most). I will also send a Consent/Intake form for you.

If you’re not interested, but know someone who might be, you can send this information on to them! I also know guides with various areas of expertise if I’m not quite your cup of tea.

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions you may have! I truly appreciate your interest in exploring this type of guidance, and I am honored that you are interested in taking that journey with me.

NOTE: Please be advised that as a mandated reporter, if there is any indication that you may harm yourself or others, I am required by law to report this to the proper authorities for your safety and the safety of those around you.