In addition to workshops and seminars, I am available for private sessions as well. Private sessions range from $50-$60 an hour. For all session types, the first 60 minute session is an introductory, no-charge session to get to know each other, your goals, and your hopes for this work.


One-on-one sessions can be excellent for narrowing the focus on one’s personal concerns, areas of intelligence, or purpose search. These sessions can be held in a variety of places, from the Van Nuys office, to the client’s home, or even a more neutral location such as a park. The sessions are scheduled directly with the Guide/Educator and are charged based on a sliding scale.

Family/Sibling Sessions

Sometimes it is helpful to involve the immediate family of the client to support their walk as they uncover their purpose and strengths. Family members such as parents or siblings may also want to start their own journeys. These sessions, like individual ones, can be done in a variety of settings and can be done with or without the initial client (though it can be very helpful to include the client to act as a guide during non-session times since they have gone through the process).

Spiritual Guidance

This is a specific type of guidance that I offer. During the Find Your Intelligence or Use Your Intelligence process, spiritual-related concerns may arise. Finding your purpose, your “True North” as I like to call it, can be daunting at times and can also bring up bigger questions. I can assist with many of these questions and concerns as well.


Contact us at to set up an initial session!

NOTE: Please be advised that as a mandated reporter, if there is any indication that you may harm yourself or others, I am required by law to report this to the proper authorities for your safety and the safety of those around you.