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Individual Services

I currently work closely with the following organizations to provide individual services:

BRIDGES-Riviera Beach

I am currently teamed up with the Riviera Beach BRIDGES office to offer autism education and guidance for families who have questions and concerns regarding their children and their delays. I do not diagnosis or offer therapeutic services, but I help the family understand autism and how they can understand their child’s behaviors and perceptions. In doing this, the child’s prognosis becomes more positive. This is a sliding scale service, and sessions average about $25/hr. You can directly contact me at or Gwendolyn Kelly at BRIDGES for more information and initial paperwork.

Family Coaching Sessions

These sessions are designed to help educate families about autism and developmental delays so that they can better engage with autistic family members. Think of them as mini-versions of the trainings and workshops below! I also connect families to resources in the community. Email me at to receive more information about the coaching sessions. These are currently offered on a sliding scale basis.

Individual services will vary on being in-person or virtual depending on local health alerts and contagion spread.

Classes and Workshops for Organizations/Schools/Centers

These classes vary with the audience, but the main goal is to introduce autism to those new to its world. Whether you have a recently diagnosed family member, or are being introduced to clients on the spectrum, this interactive and multi-styled training can show you what autism is, what it is like, and the various therapeutic approaches used to make lives change for the better. All workshops are regularly updated with new information or research findings, and can be tailored to the age level. As the business progresses, the classes aim to foster a community within the community built by parents/families, for parents/families!

In 2020, SPARC wrapped its first workshop series with BRIDGES Riviera Beach, and we are hoping to expand these FREE workshops to other BRIDGES locations in the future. In 2021, we did a very successful professional training in conjunction with the Early Learning Coalition of the Palm Beaches to train over 60 Early Head Start staff on Developmental Delays, Difficult Behaviors, and a new training called Ready Your Class.

SPARC is now currently offering a training with the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County called Autism and Cultural Considerations. We can easily cater the classes to families, communities, and professionals alike!

The classes offered vary with the needs/requests of the community and participants, but here are some examples of previous and future workshop topics:

Hello, Autism

There are two versions of this training, and it is the main training offered.

The parent/community version focuses on introducing participants to the world of autism. What it is, its highlighted symptoms, and video experiences of those on the spectrum are included in this training. Presentation handouts (with references for further learning) and a Q&A with the presenter(s) round out this training, which can range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the needs of the audience. This training in particular can be tailored for children and teenagers to help introduce them to autistic peers’ experiences and build empathy.

The professional introduction version highlights the various therapeutic approaches to autism and current research on the subject. It is aimed at those who work closely with those on the spectrum, such as daycare workers, teachers, service providers, and some employers. The goal of this training is to gain both empathy and professional knowledge of autism. Presentation handouts with references and a Q&A with the presenter(s) are including in this training. Each training usually lasts about an hour, but can be adjusted with the needs of the group. This training works best with about 10-15 participants.

Let’s Talk Development series

This series features the following trainings:

Let’s Talk Development: An introduction to the developmental milestones and expectations for children from birth to about 3 years of age.

Hello, Autism: An introduction to autism and specifically what autism is like for those who live with it.

Difficult Behaviors: A different way of looking at toddler behavior (both with neurotypical and neurodiverse children), and how identifying basic needs can reduce more troublesome behaviors.

Expanding Play: A fun and interactive workshop that shows the importance of play and how play can improve development and behavior.

Other possible workshops can include: Sensory Processing, Ready Your Class, and Hello, Autism for Kids.

Please note that all workshops will be held through video sessions until further notice.

SPARC is open to trainings unique to your department or organization (ex: schools, daycare centers, police, etc.). Contact Angel at for more information about custom-made trainings for your organization. I also welcome new ideas for future workshops/trainings, and speaking topics.

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