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This section will adjust as trainings get started and families tell me what they want to see more of, but for now we are going to include news, resources, and little messages that are too short for a blog post.

A quick word on…eye contact

The autistic person isn’t ignoring you. They may very well be shy, but that’s not always the reason why they won’t look you in the eyes. This usually innate and natural skill is very hard for autistic individuals, because it can be overwhelming. You know how intense stares tend to make us uneasy? Well, imagine something like that, except it happens every time you meet eyes with someone. It would be uncomfortable, wouldn’t it? Remember this if your autistic child or close friend is not looking at you while you are talking, because it doesn’t mean that they are not listening. In fact, they are probably avoiding eye contact so that they can focus and listen to you!


Here is an excellent recap of autism research and advancements in 2020 provided by Spectrum News:

Hot topics in autism research, 2020


As we slowly adjust back to “normal,” upcoming events related to autism will be posted here!

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