This section includes quick blurbs, news updates, and tidbits that are autism-related.

A quick word on…eye contact

The autistic person isn’t ignoring you. They may very well be shy, but that’s not always the reason why they won’t look you in the eyes. This usually innate and natural skill is very hard for autistic individuals, because it can be overwhelming. You know how intense stares tend to make us uneasy? Well, imagine something like that, except it happens every time you meet eyes with someone. It would be uncomfortable, wouldn’t it? Remember this if your autistic child or close friend is not looking at you while you are talking, because it doesn’t mean that they are not listening. In fact, they are probably avoiding eye contact so that they can focus and listen to you!


After about a year of research conducted by a task force (and LOTS of protest from the autism community), the Association for Behavioral Analysis International (ABAI) has released their official position on Contingent Electric Skin Shock (CESS) being used professionally for behavioral modification. Spoiler: They finally got the message. Their statement is below, posted on November 16, 2022:

Position Statement on the Use of CESS

For full details about this debate, check out the “Mini SPARC” episodes on our podcast, SPARC Up!


SPARC’s next training open to the public is “Autism & Cultural Considerations,” presented by the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. The training will be held at the CSC’s Boynton Beach office on December 16, 2022 from 10am to 1pm. To create a free account and register, visit the CSC Training Center website below. Once your account is created, a simple search will bring up the class! Hope to see you there!

CSC Training Center

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