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Three of the five articles this month focus on adults on the spectrum.

August 2018

This page will be updated regularly with news and posts related to autism, autism services, and autism news/research. There is also summaries on autism-related trainings that SPARC offers to organizations to assist with expanding autism awareness and acceptance.


Note: This is an Opinion piece. This may partly explain why I have seen individuals in agencies “suggest” that a child is doing better than they are when it comes to data. There is a lot of pressure to see clients succeed, and money is a big source of that pressure: Data Use In Autism Programs 

I have read NeuroTribes, met and spoke with the author Steve Silberman, and used it as a  resource when writing my thesis for my second Master’s. It’s a very long book, but one of the most (if not the most) fascinating reads on the history of autism I’ve ever seen. Here’s Silberman dismantling a common misconception of the “discovery” of autism: Kanner’s “discovery” of autism

An autistic adult gives some pointers on independent living for other autistic adults: Living On Your Own With Autism

If you’re in Tampa, look into supporting this food truck whose entire staff is on the spectrum. I included a direct link to their site. Also, some of the comments below this article just further show how much work still needs to be done in autism awareness and acceptance. Ugh. Food Truck Rolling Out In Tampa Artistas Cafe site/Autism Shifts site

Finally, an open letter to autism from someone on its spectrum: Open Letter to My Autism


SPARC Classes: Contact us at for more information!

These classes vary with the audience, but the main goal is to introduce autism to those new to its world. Whether you have a recently diagnosed family member, or are being introduced to clients on the spectrum, this interactive and multi-styled training can show you what autism is, what it is like, and the various therapeutic approaches used to make lives change for the better. Both trainings are regularly updated with new information or research findings, and can be tailored to the age level.

Autism: The Experience

This class focuses on introducing participants to the world of autism. What it is, its highlighted symptoms, and video experiences of those on the spectrum are included in this training. The goal is to promote neurodiversity, and to build the empathy of those who may not understand the condition, but want to learn. Presentation handouts (with references for further learning) and a Q&A with the presenter round out this training, which can range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the needs of the audience. This training in particular can be tailored for children and teenagers to help introduce them to autistic peers’ experiences and build empathy.

Autism 101

Slightly different from The Experience, this training highlights the various therapeutic approaches to autism and current research on the subject. The goal of this training is to gain both empathy and professional knowledge of autism. This training also includes an interactive exercise to experience the sensory distractions for an autistic person in a classroom (of any age). Presentation handouts with references and a Q&A with the presenter are including in this training. The training usually lasts about an hour, but can be adjusted with the needs of the group. This training works best with about 10-15 participants.

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