Let’s talk about…divination

*I will be doing a series of posts about topics that, in some spiritual circles, are seen as controversial or even forbidden. Please keep in mind that these are my ideas/opinions on the subjects. They do not reflect the viewpoints of all who practice or engage in these topics. I encourage readers to research on their own to get a full understanding of the subjects presented, as there are a wide variety of resources available online and off.*


Divination is an interesting subject. In some religions and paths, the subject is taboo and forbidden. In others, only certain individuals are expected to have such abilities. In still others, divination is highly recommended for anyone before making any major decisions. For better or for worse, it is a powerful aspect of spirituality.

The biggest fear I have seen associated with divination is not that it isn’t real, but that you don’t know who is coming through. To be honest, this fear can be put on any form of spiritual communication, including prayer. Do you really know who you are praying to? Who is answering it? The same questions can apply to any of the forms of communication because we are dealing with the unseen. We don’t have a phone number, face, or ID to confirm who is “on the other end.” We are going on the hope that we did the correct invocation to reach the right entity. I believe that you can protect yourself, and there are protection prayers that can (and should) be used.

The methods of divination are wide and plentiful. I think most people are familiar with using cards (tarot, oracle, or even playing cards), scrying, pendulums, and shells or bones, and those are just a few. The ways in which the methods can be used are just as plentiful as the methods themselves. What I believe they all have in common is a direct connection to some spiritual essence; this can be a deity, one’s Higher Self, one’s own ancestors, or spiritual guides.

Divination is not accepted in the scientific community in general, as it does not appear to have any physical evidence to support it. Those that utilize it are often painted as fakes, charlatans, or con artists. I will be the first to admit that those certainly exist in the community, as I have encountered them myself. I will even say that it can be easy to use divination as a con if you are well-versed in reading body language. Intuition and trusting your own sixth sense can go a long way in identifying those with gifts/connections versus the con artists. Finally, some simply consider divination to be evil and/or the work of the devil. Not everyone is open to the idea of divination, and that is perfectly okay.

Those that are open to it in general are looking to find direct communication and/or enhance their connection to what they consider to be Spirit, and this can be done in a safe and productive manner.

What are some of your go-to divination methods? Do you have reservations about divination? Why or why not?

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