About the “Shutting Down” Video

So first, if you haven’t seen the Seriously TV “Shutting Down BS about Autism” segment, here it is:

This video caused a firestorm in the comments on both Facebook and YouTube. It wasn’t necessarily because of any factual information that was or was not presented (although that came up as well), but about the fact that many autistic adults felt that Avery, who has autism and is in the still shot above, was not given much opportunity to really speak. His dad’s segments were often cut in over Avery’s. Dylan, who runs these segments, explained that he wanted to make sure the message got across and that it may have been difficult doing this with Avery alone. His explanation, as you can guess, did not ease the firestorm.

My take: I have seen other channels do this much better with regards to letting autistic people “shut down the BS” themselves (see BBC’s Three video “Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person”). Granted, these are all people who are very much verbal, but it is a step up from the Seriously TV attempt. Even better is basically any interview with Carly Fleischmann, who is considered severely autistic and cannot speak (she uses a keyboard). Better still? The countless blogs and vlogs from autistic people themselves; those are first hand accounts at their best, and they run the gamut as far as diversity on the autism spectrum. A couple of my neurodiverse followers with awesome blogs include: David Snape and Friends, Anonymously Autistic, and Neurodivergent Rebel.

Bottom line is that I understand what Dylan was trying to do with this segment, and I think that if he can take and listen to the feedback, he could make this into an amazing series. Personally, reading the feedback made me think quite a bit about my own business and how to avoid those same pitfalls.

What do you all think? Did the “Shutting Down” video completely miss the mark? What about the BBC Three one?

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