Police Autism App

Technology really is incredible, if you think about it. A great example of this is the article below, about a Minnesota police officer created an app to help officers if they encounter an autistic person. If they get within 40 feet of someone on the spectrum, they are given not just a name and photo sent to their phone, but some quick info of what can cause behaviors (loud noises, for example) and how to calm the person.

I have no idea where the police get that type of information from (a database, maybe?), and that could lead to a whole discussion of privacy issues (could employers have access to that information during background checks?). The article does not go into that much detail about…well, the details. I think it is intriguing, though, and I am glad that police across the country are starting to address this issue. It will be interesting to see how this continues to develop.

New autism app for police being tested

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