Welcome to Summer, and the month of June!

The site/business will be going through some revamping this month, which I will detail in upcoming blogs. It involves a shift of focus with regards to SPARC. My passions remain the same, but the manner at which I approach those passions is changing a bit. For now I’ll say that I’m returning to the blog’s original focal point, a focal point that I believe was lost in the shuffle of recent years.


There is something truly beautiful in walking your purpose, but involves knowing first what your purpose is. As I myself have learned, sometimes your profession (however well you master it) is not the same as your purpose.

Please look around to see what we offer, such as the sessions , classes,  or the blog. Contact us at sparcguidance@gmail.com to request services, have questions, or if you are interested in partnering or collaborating.

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