Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month

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SPARC: Spring 2021

Happy Spring!

We are now in April, which means that it is Autism Awareness Month AND Autism Acceptance Month.

I’m going to be doing quite a few blog posts during this month. Many of these will be on topics I’ve wanted to talk about, but honestly was afraid to say because some of my viewpoints are counter to some in the provider/treatment side of the community (Oh yeah, I’ll talk about ABA). I think if there’s any time that’s a good time to talk about these things, it’s April.

I will also be highlighting autistic creators with blogs, vlogs, and podcasts throughout the month as well. Creators like these helped me to expand my views on autism, the current treatment system, and how I can become a more informed ally and resource.

Finally, I am starting family coaching sessions! These are rather casual sessions where I can talk to families about their autistic family members, help them understand autism better, and help them to not only be advocates but help their autistic family members become more comfortable with themselves. These are NOT therapy sessions of any kind. I do not provide ABA, mental health, or any therapeutic treatments in these sessions. If you are interested in these sessions or any of the SPARC trainings, send me an email at

Note: I will be opening my schedule back up in 2021 for younger clients ages 3 and under through the contract agency, ICBeyond here in Palm Beach County. Let me know if you are interested in Developmental Specialist services for your child, or you can go straight to ICBeyond here. You will be set up with an evaluation. Please be advised that I am currently doing virtual only since I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet (I’m on three waiting lists!). Once I get the vaccine, I will slowly start to resume in-person sessions.

Also, I will no longer be accepting adult clients for mental health services, but instead intend to focus fully on autism and developmental delays with regards to families and organizations/institutions that work with and interact with these families.

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