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SPARC: Fall/winter 2020

Hi everyone!

 While I have been very quiet here, there has been a LOT going on behind the scenes!
As things continue to crawl along here in the United States, I’ve been doing a lot of planning and restructuring. Here are some of the things coming up for SPARC for the rest of 2020!
1. Starting November 1, 2020, SPARC will start offering online versions of our current workshops. I am finishing up the first course, Let’s Talk Development, right now. I will also direct link the course here when it becomes live. I am hoping to set up a system so that you can purchase the course from here. If you wish to be a beta tester for the course (meaning that you will be able to go through the course once for free in return for feedback), please email me at angelw@sparcguidance.com and let me know!
2. SPARC is preparing to launch a free family support group in early 2021. For the rest of 2020, I want to find out from parents (especially minority parents of children on the spectrum) what they would most want from such a group. The Sankofa family support group in California (under UC Davis’ MIND Institute) is assisting me in creating this group, so I thank them for all of their support!

3. I am no longer taking individual clients for the remainder of the year, mostly because SPARC is starting to demand much more time now. While I may take some new ones under the age of three, I am halting referrals on mental health clients indefinitely.

4. In December 2020, and in conjunction with the online courses, a membership tier will also be introduced. This Patreon-style setup will include a free tier, a more advanced parent tier, and a provider/professional tier. I will talk more about this as we get closer to the launch date!

5. As things start to pick up more in the local communities, I will start sharing related resources and events again. The pandemic put a serious halt on a lot of things, but it won’t stop everything!

As always, I will continue to update our Facebook page and Instagram with autism-related news and information. The Facebook page is updated the most with news, interviews, and events. The site will give information about my services and actions in the community. I do plan to return to the blog before the end of the year as well; it’s just been super busy on my end! Email me at angelw@sparcguidance.com if you have questions, requests, or ideas for workshops!

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