Building Bridges, Empowering Families

For most of 2019, I listened.

During trainings, meetings, and quick chats with folks in hallways, I listened. 

As SPARC’s creator, I started the business because I wanted to help families and service providers with regards to autism. When I moved back to my home state, I discovered that many in my community knew little about autism and how to work with those who are autistic. As I spoke to people, though, I learned that there was a huge disconnect between resources and the families who needed them. 

I have decided to take on this “gap” as well. Not only will I be contracting with mental health providers to address such concerns in the autism community (and their families), I will also train families, service providers, and other front line workers (teachers, police, etc.) on autism. Is it a big mission? Yes. Is it a worthwhile mission? Definitely yes.

As always, I will continue to update our Facebook page and Instagram with autism-related news and information. The site will give information about my services and actions in the community. I also plan to highlight different resources in the community in future blog posts.

Welcome to SPARC 2020, and I can’t wait to work with you.

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