SPARC in the era of Covid-19

With our societies turned upside down by the pandemic, SPARC has had to shift its focus right along with other businesses. Locally, the desire for more individual services has been steadily increasing despite the virus, and I now have more families and individual clients than I have had in the past year. Using video screens instead of face to face has brought its own set of challenges, but it’s working.

The content focus, however, is the same: making families aware what their child’s special needs entail, how to work with their child, and how to advocate for their child. I have met some amazing families in the past month who are eager to learn, especially those with little ones.   

If you are interested in working with me in this way, check out the Services page for more information on who I partner and contract with. I am also still open to doing online workshops as well and may have some more in the future.

As always, I will continue to update our Facebook page and Instagram with autism-related news and information. The site will give information about my services and actions in the community. I also plan to highlight different resources in the community in future blog posts.

Email me at angelw@sparcguidance.com if you have questions, requests, or ideas for workshops!

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