Lets Talk Development

Fall 2019: New Workshop Series!

School is back in session, which means summer is winding down and fall is upon us and we are kicking off a new FREE workshop series! The first workshop is on October 16th, so head over to the Facebook page to register, or check out the blog to get some background information about what topics will be covered in the Let’s Talk Development! series.

You can go check out my blog post Seeing Trends for more on my observations over the years concerning families with autistic individuals. I am also starting to  offer autism-related trainings for professionals, especially daycare, aftercare, and charter school workers who are often the first ones outside of families to notice behaviors in children.


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If you haven’t already, check out the blog posts, and the Classes page for more information about the classes that are planned!
Contact us at sparcguidance@gmail.com to request services, ask questions, or if you are interested in partnering or collaborating.