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SPARC: winter 2021

Happy 2021!

First, I would like to thank the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County for allowing SPARC to train over 60 of their Early Head Start staff and providers on developmental delays and reading the Early Steps’ Individualized Family Support Plan! The 1.5 hour training was engaging, informative, and fun for everyone involved. SPARC looks forward to continuing trainings with the ELC in 2021!

Second, SPARC is finishing up work on our first set of online mini-classes, aimed at families who need additional information on a variety of subjects like sensory processing, IFSPs/IEPs, and autism questions in general. This idea came from a number of families who expressed interest in learning about these topics in a simple format.

Third, SPARC is planning to start an autism parent support group in 2021! We are in the planning stages, but if you are interested and want to be kept in the loop on news about the group, you can shoot me (Angel) an email at angelw@sparcguidance.com.

Finally, I will be opening my schedule back up in 2021 for younger clients ages 3 and under through the contract agency, ICBeyond here in Palm Beach County. Let me know if you are interested in Developmental Specialist services for your child, or you can go straight to ICBeyond here. You will be set up with an evaluation. Please be advised that I am currently doing virtual only due to the elevated number of pandemic-related cases in the county. Also, I will no longer be accepting adult clients for mental health services, but instead intend to focus fully on autism and developmental delays with regards to families and organizations/institutions that work with and interact with these families.

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