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Spring/Summer 2019
Having now settled back into my hometown, and really seeing what is needed here, I am FINALLY preparing my first Autism 101 training for families! It will probably be in late June. I’ve been listening to some of the families here, and I definitely noticed patterns amongst everyone whose lives are touched by a special needs child. Go check out my blog post Seeing Trends for more on my observations over the years concerning families with autistic individuals. I will also eventually start offering a similar set of trainings for professionals, especially daycare, aftercare, and charter school workers who are often the first ones outside of families to notice behaviors in children.
If you have a moment, please take a quick poll on our Facebook page (link is also to the right) for some possible online workshops we may offer in the future as well!


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Also, if you haven’t already, check out the blog posts, and the Autism page for more information about the classes that are planned!
Contact us at sparcguidance@gmail.com to request services, ask questions, or if you are interested in partnering or collaborating.