March is for…moving?

Yes, SPARC is heading for the Sunshine state…Florida! I’m heading back to my home state for personal reasons, but the business will be up and running there soon as well. Right now, it looks like the main base of operations will be West Palm Beach. I will try to blog my road trip adventures, so be on the lookout for that sometime in mid-April.

The first workshop will also more than likely be in West Palm as well, but I am definitely all for streaming it for those out of state (or country) who want to participate! Updates on it will be posted here.

Angel Wilson, the founder of SPARC, was featured in the February issue of Psychology Today’s cover story! The article, titled “Change Artists,” talks about what it takes to truly change your life and your mindset. Click here to hear more from her in the blog, or go straight to the article here: Change Artists. It’s a very interesting article.


2018 is truly shaping to be a banner year for SPARC Guidance. Above all, we want to help more of you uncover your strengths and lead more fulfilled lives. We also want to expand acceptance of how our strengths present themselves, whether we are neurotypical or neurodiverse. You can say that our themes this year are Discovery and Acceptance.

Please look around to see what we offer, such as the sessions , classes,  or the blog. Contact us at sparcguidance@gmail.com to request services, have questions, or if you are interested in partnering or collaborating.

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